Measuring Scroll Behavior Helps You Connect Visitors with Key Content

On the web today, we have a whole new way to “bury the lead.” How so? The growing demand for mobile-first design, which supports mobile users’ swipe, zoom, and scroll behavior is naturally driving the development of long, scrollable pages. So, the question becomes: Are your visitors even seeing the content you consider most important?

Kick Comment Spam to the Curb – How to Identify & Manage It

Ah, comment spam… You know, those annoying (yet, highly entertaining) blog comments that try to sell you erectile dysfunction meds, SEO bots, and really, really cheap shoes? Well, it’s almost as bad as the canned stuff. (Unless you happen to love the Hormel variety; in which case, comment spam is nothing like the edible stuff.)

And, it’s e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Google Link Schemes Update – Are Your Press Releases & Articles Safe?

There was a time when getting links—any links—pointing to your site was the surest way to rank well on search engines.

But as disreputable SEOs manipulated Google’s PageRank algorithm to boost the visibility of their spammy content, the search engine giant began targeting those link schemes in an attempt to separate the wheat (your riveting, valuable content) from the chaff (irritatingly useless spam).

Find Blog Images – the Legal Way!

A compelling image doesn’t just illustrate your brilliant and witty post; it provides a visual cue to users browsing your site. In fact, these visual thumbnails are becoming more important every day.

So here you are—you need blog images and you need to watch your pennies.

But before you go gung-ho on Internet image searches, a word of warning: Although it sometimes seems that the Internet is somehow exempt from copyright enforcement, that is not the case. There are automated systems that scour the Web for infringing images.

Why Content-Driven Web Development Trumps Design-First Process

So, you have a message you want to shout to the world, right? Well, a content-driven web development process will help you do exactly that. And with far more Rah-Rah-Rah than a design-first process can muster.

Unfortunately, clients who aren’t familiar with this ideas-first method might be frustrated when realization strikes: You mean I can’t get my hands on the design…now?