Measuring Online Performance: Website Metrics

Getting visitors to your website and converting them (or someone in their social circles) into paying customers is the name of the game. And using website performance metrics to your advantage can help you win it.

There are measurable things about your website that you can monitor, test, and improve to attract visitors and get them to the customer finish line.

Measuring Online Performance: Campaigns

Your online presence is critical to your business, but are your efforts effective? And, how do you know? It’s time to dust off the classic quote: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Yep, online performance metrics will give you the answers, and we’ll show you how.

ThinkUp: Social Media "Quantified Selfies"

Would you like a private social database to monitor and archive your online life? Storing and tracking your every Facebook post, Tweet, image update and video? Did your last tweet make people happy? What was your most popular post on this day last year? Who have you lost touch with on the social networks? Did someone share one of your recent posts with a large audience?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to easily answer these questions?

Improving Site Search Rankings – Is it Google Love at First Byte?

Ah, the grand mystery of Google’s algorithms. Like any other good web developer or SEO, we’re constantly trying to eek every drop of advantage out of Google’s updates to boost our clients’ site search rankings.

So, back in 2010, when Google announced that your fat hog of a website would be penalized, we all gave greater attention to the size of our web pages and the speed in which we could deliver content to our visitors.

Facebook’s Story Bumping & Last Actor Give Great Content a Lift

Your crazy uncle’s political rants. Your local greasy spoon’s deep-fried lunch specials. Your neighbor’s endless stream of grumpy cat memes. You don’t want to see them. (Or, you really, really do.)

And that’s the conundrum Facebook’s Story Bumping and Last Actor updates attempts to solve—how to show you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Google Link Schemes Update – Are Your Press Releases & Articles Safe?

There was a time when getting links—any links—pointing to your site was the surest way to rank well on search engines.

But as disreputable SEOs manipulated Google’s PageRank algorithm to boost the visibility of their spammy content, the search engine giant began targeting those link schemes in an attempt to separate the wheat (your riveting, valuable content) from the chaff (irritatingly useless spam).