Kick Comment Spam to the Curb – How to Identify & Manage It

Ah, comment spam… You know, those annoying (yet, highly entertaining) blog comments that try to sell you erectile dysfunction meds, SEO bots, and really, really cheap shoes? Well, it’s almost as bad as the canned stuff. (Unless you happen to love the Hormel variety; in which case, comment spam is nothing like the edible stuff.)

And, it’s e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Improving Site Search Rankings – Is it Google Love at First Byte?

Ah, the grand mystery of Google’s algorithms. Like any other good web developer or SEO, we’re constantly trying to eek every drop of advantage out of Google’s updates to boost our clients’ site search rankings.

So, back in 2010, when Google announced that your fat hog of a website would be penalized, we all gave greater attention to the size of our web pages and the speed in which we could deliver content to our visitors.

Facebook’s Story Bumping & Last Actor Give Great Content a Lift

Your crazy uncle’s political rants. Your local greasy spoon’s deep-fried lunch specials. Your neighbor’s endless stream of grumpy cat memes. You don’t want to see them. (Or, you really, really do.)

And that’s the conundrum Facebook’s Story Bumping and Last Actor updates attempts to solve—how to show you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Google Link Schemes Update – Are Your Press Releases & Articles Safe?

There was a time when getting links—any links—pointing to your site was the surest way to rank well on search engines.

But as disreputable SEOs manipulated Google’s PageRank algorithm to boost the visibility of their spammy content, the search engine giant began targeting those link schemes in an attempt to separate the wheat (your riveting, valuable content) from the chaff (irritatingly useless spam).

Social Media Crisis Plan – Be Prepared (To Save Your Ass)

The power of social media is absolutely undeniable. (Don’t believe me? Just ask the senior editor of Rolling Stone or Juror B37.) So, you’d be wise to prepare for the worst. And that means developing a well-defined social media crisis plan.

Because an act of incompetence or a jerk move at a critical time could sink you.

Why Content-Driven Web Development Trumps Design-First Process

So, you have a message you want to shout to the world, right? Well, a content-driven web development process will help you do exactly that. And with far more Rah-Rah-Rah than a design-first process can muster.

Unfortunately, clients who aren’t familiar with this ideas-first method might be frustrated when realization strikes: You mean I can’t get my hands on the design…now?