Engaging, high-value white papers enable Spireon to establish its thought leadership and nurture prospects in a highly competitive industry.

Firebrand repurposes Spireon webinars to create added value from the company’s initial content investment.


Content Strategy



The challenge

Reaching propspects in a crowded marketplace

The transportation technology market was a crowded space and the rapid adoption of cloud, mobile, and IoT technologies only served to intensify the competition for customers.

As one of many vendors that offered vehicle intelligence Software-as-a-Service solutions, Spireon needed to break through the noise.

The solution

Highly engaging, user-centric white papers

With exceptional big data and transportation industry experts in-house, not to mention strong industry partnerships, Spireon had the wealth of knowledge it needed to establish itself as an industry thought leader. The company just needed help translating expert conversations into the type of engaging, user-centric content that could fuel compelling digital marketing campaigns.

That’s where Firebrand came in.

From trucking regulations and fleet safety insight to technology trends and driver retention strategies, Firebrand teased out the essential messages from Spireon’s webinar recordings. With the core insights in-hand, Firebrand then wove them into engaging, high-value narratives that efficiently and effectively educated Spireon’s time-constrained audience.

The work

Insightful whitepapers establish Spireon as an industry thoughtleader.


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The results

White papers help Spireon break through the noise

Repurposing Spireon webinars, Firebrand created user-centric white papers that were on point, on time, and on budget. With the heavy lifting complete, Spireon was not only able to leverage the white papers for its outbound marketing campaigns, but to repurpose the content for blog posts and infographics, as well.

This work ultimately helped their audiences better understand business risk and identify solutions, ultimately driving sales leads Spireon’s way.


“Our white papers and content pieces established my company as a thought leader within our industry.”

— Belinda Rueffer, Director of Product Marketing


Why Firebrand?

A history of responsive service and exceptional content

Spireon’s director of product marketing inherited the Firebrand relationship through her previous employer’s acquisition. Firebrand’s work was, in her words, “so impressive,” that she chose to continue the relationship when she moved on to Spireon.

With over twenty years serving clients’ digital content marketing needs and extensive experience in the transportation industry, Firebrand was uniquely equipped to deliver white papers that not only informed but entertained. Time after time, Firebrand delivered that value that helped Spireon firmly position itself as an industry thought leader.