Deeply engaged social community creates massive sales opportunities for parent brand

Firebrand grew the TruckThat community from 0 to 62K Facebook fans in just 11 weeks—nurturing brand affinity and driving 100K+ ONE20 subscription + app downloads.



Influence Strategy

Social Media


Web + App Development

The challenge

Capturing attention and building trust

ONE20 was preparing to launch an ELD subscription service in a crowded, highly competitive market. To draw the attention of skeptical truckers, they’d need to do something markedly different to break through the noise and nurture customer affinity.

The solution

A social community that embraced humor and leveraged social psychology

Often feeling undervalued and disrespected, the growing frustration among truckers was understandable.

Having successfully built leading transportation social channel, XNation, Firebrand knew community was the answer—for drivers and its client.

It proposed TruckThat, a social community that would humorously discuss the “F-That” moments common to trucker life—and create a halo-effect for ONE20. driving adoption of its solutions.

Leveraging applied social psychology and remarkable creative, Firebrand executed social media content, live experiences, and an engaging app and website that:

  • Celebrated driver contributions
  • Created space for drivers to share their challenges—and be validated
  • Demonstrated care for the driver and the greater transportation community
  • Amplified driver and transportation worker stories

The work

Deeply engaging creative


ONE20 website
TruckThat social
TruckThat Social
TruckThat social
TruckThat MATS event
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The results

Massive growth in a community prone to skepticism

A start up, ONE20 needed to move fast and spend wisely.

Firebrand delivered:

  • 62k Facebook Likes within 11 weeks of launch—and 102.8K facebook fans in 13 months
  • 75.9K paid likes at a $0.20 cost per result
  • 2730 Twitter followers through entirely organic means
  • 28.1M impressions and 980.6K engagements in 13 months
  • 11X more engagements per post than national truck driver organization, OOIDA
  • A bold, modern website launched in just 3 weeks—from wireframing and copywriting to design and development

Ultimately, Firebrand drove 100K+ ONE20 subscription + app downloads in only 3 months.


“That’s #@%&!%$ awesome!”

— John Adams, Product Management Consultant


Why Firebrand?

Creative approaches to age-old problems

As former XRS EVP of Product & Strategy, ONE20’s founder and CEO had seen the impact of Firebrand’s proven behavioral approach first-hand; he knew engaging drivers and industry leaders with humor and empathy would pay big dividends.

When he launched his own transportation tech company, he brought Firebrand in to support his internal marketing team.

With more than two decades of behavioral marketing, social media, tech, and transportation industry experience, ONE20 counted on Firebrand to quickly build trust in the wary driver community and, ultimately, create affinity for its parent brand and products.