The Downfalls of Design-Driven Development

All that glitters isn’t gold. The convertible you just had to have left your garage 12 days out of the last 120—the other 108 were too cold, too wet, too something. The fantastic designer boots with the 3” heel you couldn’t resist? They landed you on your ass on a less than forgiving winter day and have been collecting dust in the back of your closet ever since.

Both looked great. Neither performed. So it goes with design-driven development.

Find Blog Images – the Legal Way!

A compelling image doesn’t just illustrate your brilliant and witty post; it provides a visual cue to users browsing your site. In fact, these visual thumbnails are becoming more important every day.

So here you are—you need blog images and you need to watch your pennies.

But before you go gung-ho on Internet image searches, a word of warning: Although it sometimes seems that the Internet is somehow exempt from copyright enforcement, that is not the case. There are automated systems that scour the Web for infringing images.