Social Media for Beginners – A Guide to Getting Your Feet Wet

Getting a brand started in social media is a lot like your first swimming lesson as a kid. You’re excited, but also apprehensive and probably a little scared about what lurks in the depths. But, don’t worry. We’ll help you dip your toes in the water with some simple social media tips.

ThinkUp: Social Media "Quantified Selfies"

Would you like a private social database to monitor and archive your online life? Storing and tracking your every Facebook post, Tweet, image update and video? Did your last tweet make people happy? What was your most popular post on this day last year? Who have you lost touch with on the social networks? Did someone share one of your recent posts with a large audience?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to easily answer these questions?

Facebook’s Story Bumping & Last Actor Give Great Content a Lift

Your crazy uncle’s political rants. Your local greasy spoon’s deep-fried lunch specials. Your neighbor’s endless stream of grumpy cat memes. You don’t want to see them. (Or, you really, really do.)

And that’s the conundrum Facebook’s Story Bumping and Last Actor updates attempts to solve—how to show you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Social Media Crisis Plan – Be Prepared (To Save Your Ass)

The power of social media is absolutely undeniable. (Don’t believe me? Just ask the senior editor of Rolling Stone or Juror B37.) So, you’d be wise to prepare for the worst. And that means developing a well-defined social media crisis plan.

Because an act of incompetence or a jerk move at a critical time could sink you.

Applebee’s Social Media Team Contracts Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Social media can be a fickle friend. Follow community engagement best practices and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal (rabid, even) community. But, boy—pull a boneheaded move and they’ll turn on you. And it won’t be pretty. (Just ask Applebee’s.)