A bold, Silicon Valley-style brand attracts investor interest in a life-saving, deep learning technology

With the launch of MuHu, this startup technology company attained Gartner Magic Quadrant placement and was invited to present to top Sand Hill Road venture capital firms.



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The challenge

Attracting investors

Irvine, California-based Convoy Technologies was preparing to offload the hardware side of its business and reinvent itself as a SaaS company.

They had a deep learning solution that integrated mobile, cloud, video intelligence, and big data technologies, which would prevent accidents and save users money. They also had an exciting first-mover advantage.

They just needed an equally bold brand to position themselves for success.

The solution

A bold, Silicon Valley-style brand

Firebrand approached the branding exercise by first performing a broad and deep discovery process, which uncovered key differentiators and target audience nudge points. In short, the mobile app identified threats and issued alerts to drivers, while the platform empowered fleet managers to protect their people with remote viewing and intelligence gathering capabilities.

With that in mind, Firebrand sought to create a name imbued with meaning and, in its research, it uncovered the story of two ravens from Norse mythology, Munin and Hugin.

Their names, which translate to “thought” and “wisdom,” perfectly personified the technology’s ability to both see threats and to process the data required to predict behaviors and prevent accidents.

What’s more, the mythological ravens were said to have traversed the world, imparting knowledge and wisdom to Odin, and allowing Odin to see and hear from anywhere—just as this new technology would serve to remotely inform fleet managers.

Firebrand recommended, MuHu—a created name that was:

  • Visually-balanced
  • Easy to spell and remember, according to research
  • Available as a four-letter .com domain
  • At home among many leading, two-syllable Silicon Valley brands

Firebrand then created:

  • A bold strategy and brand narrative
  • A visually-striking MuHu logo inspired by Norse runes
  • A resonant visual identity
  • Stationary and business cards
  • A responsive website
  • Print marketing materials
  • A branded tradeshow booth

The work

A bold, Silicon Valley-style brand.


What is MuHu?
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The results

Invitations from top tech investors

With the launch of the new brand and its corresponding website, MuHu attracted the attention of critical influencers.

Not only was MuHu invited to present to three of Sand Hill Road’s top Silicon Valley venture capital firms, but it caught the attention of Gartner, as well, appearing in its reports and Magic Quadrant.


“Great job on this! The quality of the design and messaging is very well done.”

— David Gutierrez, Investor & Advisor


Why Firebrand?

Bold creative, resonant storytelling

The Convoy team was aware of the success Firebrand created for other transportation brands, like XRS, Omnitracs, ONE20, and TruckThat. When it was time to develop their own creative vision and strategy-driven approach, they wanted a proven player.

They chose Firebrand.

With over twenty years serving clients’ branding and digital marketing needs, and over a century’s worth of combined industry experience across the team, Firebrand had the talent to create a resonant brand with staying power.