Rapid-response content strategy drives $318K in sales opportunities as ransomware rocks the globe

In the wake of a ransomware “weapon of mass destruction,” a one-day investment in Firebrand content creation enables Arcserve to beat the competition to data protection sales opportunities.


Content Strategy



The challenge

Beating competitors to opportunities

On May 12, 2017, WannaCry rocked the globe. The largest ransomware attack in history, WannaCry spread quickly, infecting more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries.

In the midst of the ensuing worldwide panic, Arcserve wanted to deliver the data protection insight its global audience needed to mitigate the impact of WannaCry, as well as reinforce the best practices that would help IT departments protect against future infections.

And, the clock was ticking.

Arcserve sought to not only demonstrate its thought leadership but to convert heightened anxiety into sales leads, too.

The solution

Rapid-response thought leadership

The WannaCry threat called for an all-hands-on-deck fire drill.

Directing rapid-fire reviews amongst nine Arcserve employees and customers across multiple business units, including product marketing, software engineering, and technical sales, Firebrand led the development of three content pieces:

  • WannaCry remediation blog post
  • WannaCry remediation white paper
  • Ransomware protection and remediation white paper

These assets were published to the Arcserve website, promoted across the company’s social media channels, and distributed via Marketo email campaigns.

The work

Customer-centric ransomware remediation content.


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The results

Generated new leads valued at $318,000

Time was of the essence, and Firebrand delivered.

In just hours, Arcserve shared its thought leadership with panic-stricken audiences:

  • WannaCry blog post published within 1-1/2 hours
  • WannaCry white paper copy delivered in 4 hours
  • Ransomware white paper copy delivered in 2 hours

As a result, Arcserve cemented its voice of authority and beat its competitors to valuable and immediate sales opportunities. In return for Arcserve’s seven-and-a-half-hour investment in Firebrand’s content team, the company generated $318,455 in total opportunity value.


“This is such beautiful teamwork it makes me wanna cry.”

– Christophe Bertrand, Vice President – Product Marketing


Why Firebrand?

Powerful audience influence, drop-of-a-hat service

Arcserve chose Firebrand for its ability to translate technical content and simplify complicated sales. The company also valued Firebrand’s agility, collaborative spirit, and extensive history of delivering a strong return on investment.

With over twenty years serving clients’ digital marketing needs, and over a century’s worth of combined industry experience across the team, Firebrand was uniquely positioned to deliver impeccable strategy-driven content—even at a moment’s notice.