PPC generates a 706% return, putting this Chicago start-up on a growth trajectory

Firebrand PPC campaigns deliver targeted leads in a competitive space, empowering a start-up to efficiently and intelligently expand its business.



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The challenge

Connecting with the right customer

In 2016, pet waste removal start-up, Tails to Pails, hit the scene. Located in dog-friendly Chicago, the opportunity was certainly there; it was simply a matter of outperforming their competitors’ ad campaigns and connecting with potential customers.

Unfortunately, Tails to Pails was struggling to do just that.

The start-up invested in print campaigns for more than two years but realized very little ROI. Unable to narrowly target its desired audience, the company acquired new customers all across Chicagoland—and watched as its profitability vanished both at the gas pump and in the long commutes that tied-up labor resources.

With customer growth falling short of projections and marketing tactics failing to deliver greater opportunity, Tails to Pails needed to take a different tack.

The solution

Psychographic- and geo-targeted PPC ads

Firebrand recommended PPC advertising, which would zero-in on Tails to Pails’ high priority audiences while driving the greatest immediate results from a tight budget.

With the green light granted, Firebrand:

  • Created catchy, benefits-forward, conversion-oriented landing pages
  • Launched PPC ad campaigns, which highlighted Tails to Pails’ value proposition and special offers
  • Targeted likely prospects by zip code

Firebrand then managed the campaigns post-launch to continuously maximize performance.

The work

Conversion-oriented campaigns.


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The results

An impressive 706% ROI

Tails to Pails needed to move the needle if it was to survive and, with PPC, it did. The PPC campaigns delivered the company a 706.8% return on investment.

Even better, Tails to Pails hired two new employees and purchased new trucks to service its growing customer base—a big step for a business that was, just a few months earlier, experiencing negligible growth.


“In June 2016, my previous creative agency wanted to me run a $6,000 AdWords campaign, but I ended up shutting it down because I only received two customers from it. We started a new campaign with Firebrand in June 2017 and have received nearly 350 customers.

“It’s been so dramatic that it’s almost difficult to keep up and get enough resources to service the customers.”

— Bob Overton, CEO


Why Firebrand?

Results-driven collaboration

Tails to Pails needed big agency results and small-town approachability. Having learned of Firebrand’s successful ad campaigns for other clients, the company’s owner chose the agency to take on its own.

With more than twenty years of experience in digital marketing, Firebrand had the chops to grow this start-up business. Offering thoughtful consulting, directing wise investment, and enabling Tails to Pails to execute some aspects of its marketing plan internally, Firebrand helped the start-up get the most bang for his buck.