Minisite enables XRS to become the voice of authority on a trucking regulation critical to its business—even outperforming the federal agency that mandated it.

Despite a razor-thin development window, Firebrand launches a minisite just as Congress passes key legislation, seizing upon massive search traffic to capture high-quality leads.


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The challenge

Being first to deliver regulatory insight to an anxious audience

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was poised to mandate electronic onboard recording device (EOBR) technology that would log a driver’s time behind the wheel—a mandate that had been hotly contested for years. With the legislation finally heading to Congress for a floor vote, it became clear that it would likely pass.

For trucking technology vendors, like XRS, the EOBR mandate could be a boon to business.

With just three weeks of lead time, XRS needed to position itself as the voice of authority on both EOBR technology and hours of service regulations. It also needed a way to capture anxious fleet managers and owner/operators and funnel them its sales team, capitalizing on this opportunity to grow its business.

The solution

A highly-targeted, user-centric minisite

In just three weeks, Firebrand wrote and developed a tightly-focused minisite for the trucking industry—launching just moments after the federal legislation was passed.

The minisite featured:

  • Expert compliance guidance that translated regulatory legalese into plain language
  • EOBR technology insight, including costs, benefits, and implementation strategies to support fleet managers’ and owner/operators’ search for solutions
  • Timely, relevant blog content that delivered guidance on the evolving regulation and enforcement to foster positive perceptions of XRS
  • ROI calculators, timeline animations, and regulation fines animations to nurture sales prospects
  • A conversion-optimized experience to ultimately drive an increase in sales

The work

A well-timed website that established XRS as the voice of authority.


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The results

Captured #1 rankings, outperforming the federal government

The well-timed launch of delivered exceptional value when target audiences needed it most.

As a result, this website landed several first-place critical keywords and secured them for years. It even ranked number one for the highly-competitive keyword, EOBR, for several years, outperforming Wikipedia and the FMCSA—the federal agency which issued the EOBR mandate.

What’s more, the website continued to deliver accurate, accessible regulatory guidance for years, established XRS as the industry authority on EOBRs and proving to be a strong lead generation engine.


“Impossible timeline, great result. Our goal was to be first out and the voice of authority and we accomplished that.”

— Steve Kull, Director of Brand Management


Why Firebrand?

Trusted to deliver high-performance digital strategy

XRS brought Firebrand in as an embedded part of its marketing team two years prior to the launch of the website. Project after project, the agency demonstrated strong performance, including the launch of a marketing website that delivered 80% of the company’s sales leads. When it came time to move forward on rapid website project, XRS naturally chose Firebrand.

Having established deep trust and fostered a highly collaborative client/agency team, Firebrand was able to power through this critical rapid website development project, launching the right message at the right time.