Kid President On Awesomeness & Giving Back ~ You’ve Been Pep Talked!

When’s the last time you’ve been simultaneously moved to tears and inspired to awesomeness? Been awhile? Well, if you’re looking for your daily dose of inspiration, this 9-year old boy’s got it to give: A Pep Talk From Kid President To You is a must-watch.

(There, consider yourself “pep talked!”)

Giving back: A message we all need to hear

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of our own lives: Wrapping up work projects on impossibly tight deadlines; balancing home budgets when there’s not enough money to go around; chauffeuring kids to activities at opposite ends of town, while slamming protein shake dinners. We’re so busy spinning our work and personal life plates, that it’s entirely too easy to acquire tunnel vision. “Just get me through Friday at 5:00,” is the mantra of many.

But Kid President reminds us that it’s time to do something: Make a change. Make a difference.

And do it now.

We all have something to give.

At least, I feel that way.

A good part of my day is spent blogging for clients and, thanks to the talented people I’ve worked with throughout my career, I’ve picked up SEO skills along the way. So, in evenings and on weekends, I get to put those abilities to work for a cause I care about: domestic violence.

It should come as no surprise that domestic violence agencies are short-staffed and under-funded, yet their messages to victims couldn’t be more critical.

And, because search optimized content is hard to come by in the domestic violence community, I’m able to get the important information families need in front of them without much effort.

That’s my path to awesome.

Of course, I’m not the only one that gets all warm-and-fuzzy giving my time to an organization I value.

Firebrand founder, Meshach Weber, has donated his time (as well as Firebrand’s) over the last several years to the Colon Cancer Coalition and their Get Your Rear in Gear events. Thanks to his web marketing insights, and Firebrand’s deep skillset, he’s helping the organization raise awareness—and funding—to fight colon cancer.

And our front-end developer, Kurt Lach, puts his considerable photography talents to work shooting for the Special Olympics. I mean, seriously, how awesome is this expression?


If you ask me, it’s enough to inspire me to dance. And isn’t that what life is really about?

What will be your Space Jam?

You have a unique skill set, so put those talents to work where they’re needed—even if it’s just a few hours a month. What might begin as an inaudible tapping of toes, can quickly become a riotous dance of change. And you, the change-maker.

Not sure where you might be of service?

Check out VolunteerMatch  for opportunities in your community.

As Kid President says, “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance. So, get to it!”