Evidence-based campaigns rapidly grew insurtech startup visibility and affinity

Firebrand captured 24 first place unbranded keywords, boosted organic user acquisition by 615%, and drove 25% of sales leads through influence-driven content.



Digital Strategy

Content Strategy


Virtual Events

The challenge

Raising awareness of SMB risk exposure—and how to address it

London-based Insurtech, Loadsure, developed a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered cargo insurance solution for freight industry SMBs.

The challenge: Long underserved by the insurance industry, SMBs simply weren’t cognizant of their broad risk exposure—or the ways cutting-edge tech could enable them to affordably transfer risk on demand.

What’s more, traditional insurance brokers struggled to turn a profit from SMB business. Immediately turned off by Loadsure’s low premiums, they’d needed to see the value of Loadsure’s infinitely scalable, low to no-touch solution and high volume play.

Further complicating matters, Loadsure wouldn’t be able to buy their way to industry understanding and adoption. With their Series A not planned for two years, they were operating on a limited budget.

They’d need to be ridiculously smart with their marketing spend.

The solution

Social psychology-driven, search-optimized content and campaigns

Loadsure needed to rapidly build both brand visibility and affinity—generating interest to prove its concept and pursue Series A funding.

To achieve these goals, Firebrand created:

  • An evidence-based influence strategy that clearly defined audience challenges, motivations, and desired outcomes, as well as the resonant messaging that fostered trust and accelerated decisions
  • A modern, highly-differentiated, and omnipresent brand presence
  • Search and conversion-optimized content that strengthened the brand’s visibility via organic search and accelerated users through their decision journey
  • Engaging thought leadership content that educated audiences and established the legitimacy of Loadsure’s visionary leaders
  • Virtual events that outkicked the brand’s coverage and generated extraordinary visibility through a behavioral science approach

The work

Digital assets and events that educated audiences and nurtured brand affinity.

Third Thursday transportation industry community-building event invite.
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FreightWaves North American Supply Chain Summit event.
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The results

Massive visibility under tight budget, including a 615% increase in organic user acquisition

In 15 months, Firebrand drove a 615% increase in user acquisition via organic search alone. Shortly thereafter, the agency made a focused, three-month effort to further build domain authority and grew user acquisition via organic search by another 91%.

That’s not all. Firebrand also:

  • Captured 24 first-place unbranded keywords and 73 top ten unbranded keywords on Google, including the page one national ranking for highly competitive “cargo insurance”
  • Won the Google golden ring: The search snippet for “per load cargo insurance,” Loadsure’s primary offering at the time
  • Earned 72 media placements across 37 brands in 12 months, including FreightWaves, Overdrive Online, Journal of Commerce, Trucking Info, Insurance Business Magazine, Supply Chain Brain, and Property Casualty 360—comprising an aggregate readership of 295.1M
  • Generated tremendous brand visibility through a strategic, unpaid partnership with FreightWaves—reaching 1,985 registered companies and 14,258 guests
  • Created highly-differentiated virtual networking events that drew industry leaders from brands like DAT, Omnitracs, Amwins, Trimble, LeanStaffing, Morpheus.Network, and CSCMP
  • Drove $560,000 in deal stage value—with a lifetime value of $1.68M—through an ABM campaign that generated 25x ROI
  • Boosted MQLs by 86.8% in just two months
  • Influence-driven presentation decks helped generate $11M in Series A funding

Through Firebrand’s influence-driven strategy, Loadsure became widely recognized as a trusted brand with a loyal following.


“Their commitment and execution are faultless, whilst managing budgets to a tee but not scrimping on quality or results. It’s genuinely been a highlight of my startup journey working with Firebrand and seeing our company brand and awareness evolve thanks to their sheer talent and expertise.”

— Johnny McCord, Founder and CEO


Why Firebrand?

Proven history of behavioral marketing success

A few years prior, a Loadsure consultant brought Firebrand in to address a Fortune 200’s negative brand sentiment as it prepared to roll out its new trucking industry brand. Impressed by Firebrand’s influence strategy and content execution, which successfully doubled positive sentiment in three months, the consultant recommended that Loadsure’s founder bring Firebrand in as the startup’s embedded marketing team.

With two decades of digital strategy and transportation tech industry experience, not to mention a proven history of innovative visibility campaigns, Loadsure turned the keys over to Firebrand—and our team accelerated the insurtech’s rapid growth.