Implement Google Tag Manager & Supercharge Your WordPress Performance

“Measure what you treasure.” You’ve heard it a thousand times. And, as a marketing professional, we know we don’t have to preach the value of tracking pixels, A/B testing, or conversion tracking to you.

But appreciating the data and wrangling your web developers into implementing the code are two very different things—especially when they’re heads-down on a project, sustained only by their growing pyramids of Diet Dew.

The good news is you can actually get what you need without pestering your dev team.

The Importance of Being Earnest—About Website Maintenance

You’re a website owner. Imagine your platform is Fort Knox, behind the vaulted steel doors of which lies an enormous supply of capital. Well, your site may as well be Fort Knox, because it’s among the most impactful drivers of brand recognition for your company, and it is thusly in your establishment’s financial best-interest to keep the doors locked.

Why do so many business owners fall short of the mark with regard to web security? In a word: vigilance, or rather a lack thereof.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme That Won’t Break Your Budget—or Your Heart

This isn’t going to be one of those useless listicles about where to find WordPress themes; I’m not going to dazzle you with a Top 10 anything. And, this certainly isn’t a warm-and-fuzzy piece about our developer friends. Instead, we’re going to look at the complicated reality of the WordPress theme market—and how to choose a WordPress theme that won’t crush your soul.

Considering a WordPress Theme? Make Sure You Understand Your Options

Your new business is ready to hang its snappy digital shingle. Or, your organization needs to refresh its aging website in order to meet the needs of a growing mobile audience.

So, where do you start? Is a commercial theme the right move or would custom development be your better bet? Find out.

Bot Traffic Detection Method Teases Real Website Traffic from Fake

Early this year, our client was in a panic. Their direct web traffic dropped more than 35 percent over the course of a single month—and their board wanted answers. Yesterday.
The marketing team was under intense pressure to explain the dip in traffic and its impact on the company’s sales pipeline…

Google Marketing Next 2017 Reveals a Googol’s Worth of Welcome Changes

On Tuesday morning, we huddled for the Google Marketing Next 2017 kickoff—an event that’s something like a mix of the Super Bowl and Fashion Week for metric-obsessed online marketers. The keynote address did not disappoint, announcing many welcome and long-awaited features, upgrades, and additions across all of Google’s platforms, including Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Because we live and breathe metrics and measurement (yes, almost literally), we’ll focus on just those topics here.