Evidence-based conversion page rebuild drives a 300% increase in software trial downloads

Firebrand created a branded, behavior-designed process that engaged users and simplified the user experience.


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The challenge

Rapidly driving qualified leads to the sales pipeline

In the process of spinning off from its parent company, CA, Arcserve needed to rapidly drive data protection sales—and fast. The challenge: Identifying the web initiative that would represent Arcserve’s single best opportunity to drive a massive increase in qualified leads.

The marketing department needed guidance.

The solution

A simplified process that supported user success

On the surface, Arcserve’s inherited software trial download process would appear to align with best practices. It was simple; a one-page process featuring concise copy.

Firebrand saw a distinct opportunity.

Studies demonstrate that users feel more comfortable progressing through a process when supported by a narrative, rather than bullet lists and blocks of text. Furthermore, extended cognition studies demonstrate the power of an external process to help users navigate complex subjects and capture key concepts.

And, as willpower research indicates downloading, installing, and testing the large software file represents a large commitment on the part of the user, Firebrand expected a simple, story-driven process broken down into smaller commitments with coinciding rewards would drive massive results—an approach that seemed counterintuitive to some.

The core software trial was first untethered from its add-ons, which allowed users to download a smaller file and enabled the Firebrand narrative. Firebrand then created a software trial configurator and a four-page, white-glove trial download process. This new approach allowed users to choose add-ons as they progressed, reinforced with micro-interactions that rewarded them for their effort.

The result was an experience that rewarded the commitment of precious willpower and an anchoring effect consisting of app simplicity and customer support.

The work

Simple, straightforward, user-centric.


Arcserve software trial download form
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The results

Delivered $5.8M in sales opportunity in X weeks

From form submission to trial installation, the neuroscience-optimized trial download process delivered a white glove experience that was responsible for a sustained, 300% increase in leads, while simultaneously improving user satisfaction and support deflection.

In fact, in the first [timeframe], the new global form generated 8,908 qualified leads, a 10% conversion rate, and sales pipeline opportunities valued at $5.8M.

What’s more, due to Firebrand’s SEO rework of the trial download process, Arcserve ranked 1st in Google search engine results for “backup software trial,” and has remained there ever since.


“The Firebrand team are rock stars for making this possible. BIG improvement.”

– Scott Stano, Director of Global Demand Generation


Why Firebrand?

Top-notch behavior-design expertise

Arcserve observed a 25-30% decline in web traffic following its spin-off from CA. That’s when the new business brought Firebrand onboard to audit the website and implement SEO updates. Not only did this work recover Arcserve’s web traffic, but it delivered an additional 14% increase in site visits.

So, when it came to identifying and delivering a high-performing trial download process, Arcserve chose to trust in Firebrand’s expertise once again.

With over twenty years serving clients’ digital marketing needs, and over a century’s worth of combined industry experience across the team, Firebrand has proven it has the talent necessary to turn digital assets into powerful conversion engines.