Measuring Online Performance: Campaigns

Your online presence is critical to your business, but are your efforts effective? And, how do you know? It’s time to dust off the classic quote: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Yep, online performance metrics will give you the answers, and we’ll show you how.

ThinkUp: Social Media "Quantified Selfies"

Would you like a private social database to monitor and archive your online life? Storing and tracking your every Facebook post, Tweet, image update and video? Did your last tweet make people happy? What was your most popular post on this day last year? Who have you lost touch with on the social networks? Did someone share one of your recent posts with a large audience?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to easily answer these questions?

Find Blog Images – the Legal Way!

A compelling image doesn’t just illustrate your brilliant and witty post; it provides a visual cue to users browsing your site. In fact, these visual thumbnails are becoming more important every day.

So here you are—you need blog images and you need to watch your pennies.

But before you go gung-ho on Internet image searches, a word of warning: Although it sometimes seems that the Internet is somehow exempt from copyright enforcement, that is not the case. There are automated systems that scour the Web for infringing images.

So You Want to Be On The Web?

You have a message to share. And whether it’s about a product, service or issue, making that message available online will help you reach a larger audience.

Provided you do the job right, of course.